The Epic Advantage


Epic Leverages 3 Key Advantages

1. Experience

The Epic team brings decades of experience in the financial services industry, as both direct marketers and operators. We’ve sat in your seat, and we understand your needs.

2. Scale

We operate at a significant scale, which translates to reduced costs for you.

3. Innovative Pricing Models

Our pay-for-performance model enables you to spread customer acquisition costs across a longer time period, lowering the P&L impact of growth.

Decades of Proven Experience

THE EPIC TEAM is composed of highly successful marketing, data science, and financial services veterans who have applied the most sophisticated techniques to acquire customers at the largest scale.

From model development to marketing strategy to creative development and analytic support, we can help you optimize every part of your marketing process to enable efficient, high-volume results.

Thanks to our flexible delivery model, we integrate into your existing processes — providing as much or as little support as you need.

Our Scale Saves You Money

In an average year, EPIC:

250 million pieces
of direct mail

4 billion dollars
in loans

1 million new accounts
for our partners

With this volume, we benefit from a lower cost-per-unit – saving your money.

Innovative Funding and Pricing Model

We understand the challenge of acquiring customers at a reasonable cost. That’s why we created a pricing structure that allows you to achieve growth without being constrained by the potential impact to your P&L.

Under our unique funding model:

  •       Epic assumes all the risk

We pay for all up-front marketing expenses, allowing you to keep your capital free for other priorities.

  •       You pay for performance, not services

You only pay when a new customer is acquired.

  •       YOU CAN RELY ON Predictable pricing

Accurate modeling and historical analysis enable accurate estimates that stay within budget.

  •       Your costs are amortized over time

Predictable monthly pricing means less disruption to your bottom line. Plus, under our unique pricing model, you may be able to reclassify acquisition costs as contra-revenue — not a marketing expense.

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