Our History


Epic’s leadership team brings decades of experience as founders and senior leaders within the financial services industry.

Held executive management roles in
$500 million management-led
leveraged buy-out

Industry leader in credit card

  • No annual fee
  • Low introductory rates
  • Balance transfer
  • Partner credit card marketing

Acquired first-ever credit card
account online in partnership
with AOL

Developed industry-leading, data-driven,
omni-channel, direct marketing

  • $1 billion annual customer
    acquisition marketing budget
  • 1+ million new customer accounts
    per year
  • 350+ marketing and analytics

Top performing stock on New York
Stock Exchange – 1993

Managed over 2,000 card
partnerships, including
Southwest Airlines, United
Airlines, and Marriott Hotels

Helped grow First USA to
become a $70 billion card issuer
and the largest issuer of Visa
cards in the world

Delivered a financial services
industry-leading annual return rate
of 83% (1992-1997)

Helped position First USA to be
acquired by Bank One for $8 billion,
the largest financial services
transaction to date

Launched Wingspan Bank, one of
the first internet-only banks as a
subsidiary of Bank One

Co-founded Juniper Bank,
a de novo partnership-based
credit card bank

Raised over $250 million
in private equity

Delivered strong growth in a
mature and competitive market

Introduced first-of-its-kind product

  • Account alerts
  • Money transfer
  • Mobile account access

Launched over 40 award-winning
card partnership programs, including
Apple, US Airways, and UBS

Sold Juniper to Barclays at 15%+
market premium, providing Barclays
an entrée into the U.S. credit card
Led Juniper/Barclays to become
the 7th largest bankcard issuer in
the U.S.

Founded Epic Research

Pioneered the “at-risk” direct mail
model, with a performance-based
funding structure

Funded over $200 million in
acquisition costs for bank clients

Funded acquisition costs to drive
over $13 billion in loans for bank
partners since founding Epic

Co-created a financing program
for a leading consumer electronics
product that has financed nearly 5
million units

Launched NitroCollege.com, a
student loan aggregator site, and
NitroScore, a proprietary calculator
to help students and parents
calculate and forecast college
expenses and student loan debt

Nitro is a reputable content provider
to news sources and numerous top
colleges and universities

Developed the EpicScore, Epic’s
proprietary propensity score that
enables the effective targeting of
prospects for various consumer
credit products