June 8, 2024

Near-Prime Cools!

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Near-Prime Cools

Meet Barclays and Denny Nealon

“Going back to the Juniper days, we recognized we didn’t have a known consumer brand or branches in the US…but we’re fortunate to work in the largest B2B2C market – the US cobrand market…and so we focused there and invested in the specialized capabilities required to compete in this space leveraging the great brands that our partners have built”

“Our entire organization is focused on the fact that we have two customers – the partner and the end consumer…we have to use data, technology, and process to make sure we can fulfill our promises to both…for our partners that means helping to drive their sales volume and increase customer loyalty…for example, you can buy a JetBlue ticket on any card, but when you use the JetBlue card you get benefits that make flying with JetBlue better, such as early boarding, free checked bags, status, and other things a generic travel rewards card can’t offer”

“The macro environment and cumulative impact of inflation, but the health of the US consumer is really good…many things happening in the regulatory environment that are not all that coordinated…keeping pace with consumer expectations as they pertain to user experience – Uber, Amazon, and others keep raising the bar”

“It showed me the power of what’s possible by having a group of people with a shared mission, working as a team, with great leadership”

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