May 7, 2022

Credit Card Demand Grows!

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Jim Stewart

CEO, Epic Research

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BNPL Asset Quality Watch

Distribution of FICO Scores of BNPL Consumers
Sampling of BNPL Start-ups

Home Equity and Personal Loan Marketing Soars

DIRECT Mail Volume- Q1 2020, Q1 2021, Q1 2022
Home Equity – Direct Mail Volume by Month 20220507
Home Equity Top Mailers
Online Search Vol. for Home Equity Line of Credit
Online Search Volume for Personal Loan
PERSONAL LOAN- ONLINE Search Cost : impression
Marketplace Lending Originations by FICO Range
Credit Card – MONTHLY MAIL VolUME by Segment

Consumer Interest in Cards and HELOC Products Grows

Infographic Bill Paying Behaviors 20220507
Online Search Volume for “Credit Card”

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