March 5, 2022

Personal Loan Originations Highest in Years!

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Personal Loan Market Fully Recovered

Personal Loan Originations Across All 22020305
PERSONAL LOAN – TOP 10 Mailers by year 20220305
Personal Loan DIRECT Mail VOlUME CHANGE Nov 2021-Jan 2022 vs. Nov 2019-Jan 2020
Top Personal Loan Mailers – January 2022 20220305
Personal Loan BALANCES and Delinquencies 20220305

Credit Card Sector in Good Health

Bankcard Outstanding Loans 20220305
Bankcard Originations- Accounts 22020305
Bankcard Severe Delinquency Rate 20220305

Direct Mail Still Dominates

Percent Direct Mail Spend - vs overall 20220305 (1)
Relative Direct-to-Consumer Spending by Product 20220305
Overall Product Change in Mail Volume 20220305

Quick Takes

Customer acquisition via media properties: Another theme is the acquisition of businesses in media, content and consumer tools, to gain market share. Sallie recently acquired Nitro College, Earnest purchased Going Merry, and Money Lion acquired MALKA media. All should help their new owners gain share in their core markets.

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Jim Stewart

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