June 5, 2021

Card Mail Volume Soars as Banks Loosen Credit

Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart

CEO, Epic Research

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Younger Consumers Like “Pre-qual”

Why haven't you opened a credit card online
COMFORT LEVEL- sharing information online
checked ONLINE if you pre-qualify for a credit card
IMPORTANCE OF pre-qualifyING for a credit card
How many banks did you CHeck for pre-qual
how do you research credit card rates

HELOC Lenders Still Scarred by 2009

HELOC Macro Trends- Balance Decline Over Time
HELOC Macro Trends- Mail Vol v Google Search Vol
Chase not accepting HELOC
SOME LENDERS have tightened eligibility
HELOC top mailers

Credit Card Mail Volume Soars, Other Products Lag

Credit Card – Direct Mail Volume by Month 20210605
Top Credit Card Mailers – APRIL 2021
DIRECT Mail Volume- JAN-APR 2019, 2020, 2021

Overall Financial Services Ad Spending Still Recovering

Relative Direct-to-Consumer Spending by Product 20210605
Percent Direct Mail Spend - vs overall 20210605

Consumer Loan Credit Criteria Loosens

Net share of banks easing standards, by loan type
Total outstanding U.S. credit card debt

Quick Takes

First Quarter Card Results

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Jim Stewart

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