July 18, 2020

Changing Climate in the Consumer Lending Marketplace: What We’re Seeing and Hearing​

Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart

CEO, Epic Research

Three Things We’re Hearing

  • Consumer lending executives are cautiously optimistic
  • Student lending activity still lags
  • Further signs of life in credit cards

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Consumer Lending Executives are Cautiously Optimistic

  • Consumer lending executives responding to an informal Epic poll this week indicate they expect a rebound in acquisition marketing in the fourth quarter of 2020
Consumer Lending Executives POLL
  • Respondents’ answers represented acquisition plans for credit cards, personal loans, HELOC, student loans, and education refinance loans

Student Lending Off to Slow Start, but Big Finish?

  • Student loan demand is down this year, as indicated by early direct mail volume, activity on our Nitrocollege.com student loan aggregator site, and, to a lesser degree, online search volume
SEARCH_Pvt_Student_Loan_YoYbyWk (1)
  • While only showing new loan activity through the end of May, Equifax reports new student loan originations are down 15% from the same period in 2019
  • The lower volume is undoubtedly due to the uncertainty surrounding students returning to campus in the fall – recent announcements reveal a trend of more colleges planning a hybrid or online model
  • However, if the past is an indicator, some shrinkage in overall attendance might be somewhat offset by a greater need for loans as there has historically been a direct correlation between the unemployment rate and student loan volume
us education loans vs. unemployment rates (1)

Signs of Life in Credit Cards?

  • Recent company reports show the major credit card issuers’ 2Q spending is down ~25% for the full quarter
  • However, there has been a substantial recovery since the April trough, with the June numbers indicating drops of only 10-15%
  • Overall, Visa and MasterCard volume (including debit) for 2Q was down ~6%, with varying reports of debit volume actually being positive year-over-year – T&E volume is still down 50%+

Source for above: Company 2Q 2020 financial reports

  • And there are further signs of life in the credit card sector as several issuers have recently introduced new products
  • Appeals to younger consumers’ preference for debit cards while allowing them to build their credit history
  • Requires no credit check to apply and spending is limited to the amount in users’ Chime Spending Accounts
  • Only available to Verizon customers, with users earning Verizon Dollars to be used toward any Verizon purchase
  • Offers 4% on groceries and gas, 3% on restaurants and dining (including takeout), 2% on Verizon purchases, and 1% on all other purchases
  • This is the first card for Verizon; however, predecessor company Bell Atlantic offered a Visa card with Chase in the late ’90’s
  • Extra points earned on takeout, food delivery, dining, grocery, and gas stations
  • Points redeemable for merchandise, cash, and travel

Quick Takes

  • The Conference Board, via Visa, reports that consumer confidence has begun to improve after the May plunge
Consumer Confidence - Present-Future (1)
  • Both trust statistics and anecdotal data have shown near and sub-prime portfolios holding up well so far with delinquencies and payment rates stable
  • Our experience has shown that in times of economic distress these portfolios actually hold up better than prime portfolios – especially in the case of credit cards
  • Sub-prime utilization rates are usually 80%+, so dollar loss rates more closely mirror account loss rates
  • Prime portfolios can average 20% utilization, so a slight uptick in account charge-off rates can result in a disproportionate impact on dollar rates

Going Forward

  • Lending executives are being more cautious about “opening up too early” than politicians

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Jim Stewart

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