July 10, 2021

Credit Card Competition Heats Up

Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart

CEO, Epic Research

Three Things We’re Hearing

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Consumers Still Value Travel Rewards Cards

Travel Rewards Infographic 20210710

Competition in the Credit Card Sector is Back

Credit Card – Direct Mail Volume Jan-May 20210710
Online search volume for credit card 20210710
Outstanding Credit Card Loans 20210710
Credit Card Severe Delinquency Rate 20210710 (1)
new products show renewed interest in growth
Monthly Co-Brand Mail Volume 20210710

Personal Loan Issuers Remain Hesitant

Outstanding Personal Loans 20210710
Personal Loan TOP Mailers – Rolling 12M 20210710

Quick Takes

Total Consumer Debt by Source 20210710
Estimated % Change in YoY Marketing Spend 20210710

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Jim Stewart

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