February 5, 2022

Explosive Neobank Growth!

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Jim Stewart

CEO, Epic Research

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Neobank Growth Surge

Top 4 Largest U.S. Neobanks
US Neobank Account Holders, 2020-2025 (1)
Monthly U.S. Downloads of Neobank Apps 20220205
Demographics of U.S.-based Neobank Website Visitors

Ease of Use Drives Neobank Popularity

Epic Research NeoBank Survey Infographic

Highest Credit Card Mail Volume in Years

DIRECT Mail Volume- JAN-NOV 2019, 2020, 2021 (1)
Credit Card Top PRODUCTS – DEC 2021
EMII - Google Search - Cost per impression JAN 20-DEC 21
Online search volume for HELOC 20220205

Quick Takes

Total PERCENT Payment Impairment 20220205
AMEX Proprietary Billed Business – Annual Growth

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Jim Stewart

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