December 19, 2020

Changing Climate in the Consumer Lending Marketplace: What We’re Seeing and Hearing​

Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart

CEO, Epic Research

Three Things We’re Hearing

  • Big credit card opportunity for retail banks!
  • Financial services digital advertising grows
  • Credit card metrics returning to “normal”

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Big Credit Card Opportunity for Retail Banks!

  • Epic recently conducted a survey of nearly 1,400 consumers, which revealed a large marketing opportunity for local banks to offer a competitive cash back/rewards card to their customer bases
Big Credit Card Opp for Retail Banks (1)

Financial Services Digital Advertising Grows

  • Mirroring the rebound in financial services direct mail volume, digital advertising has increased in the past few months as indicated in the increase in cost-per-click across a number of products
EMII - Google Search - Cost per impression JAN-OCT 2020
  • The Epic Marketing Intensity Index (EMII) measures acquisition spending for consumer finance products (cards, loans, deposits, home equity, education) and channels (direct mail, search, paid digital)
  • Checking and savings lead the way in the online recovery, with search spend now approaching pre-pandemic levels
EMII-C+S Search Spend v Index Search Vol
  • Consumer demand, as shown in the blue search traffic line, has stayed steady
  • While credit card mail volume has rebounded close to pre-pandemic levels, online spending still lags
EMII-Credit Card Search Spend v Index Search Vol

Credit Card Metrics Returning to “Normal”

  • Recent commentary from some of the top card issuers indicates several consistent trends:
  • Spending is back to pre-shutdown levels or above
  • Balances remain 5% - 15%+ below the same period last year
  • Delinquencies remain favorable
  • Mid-year rankings of the top issuers did not change much from 2019 and reflect across-the-board balance shrinkage
U.S. Mastercard _ Visa credit card issuers
  • Recent increases in marketing spending for new customer acquisition should help bring growth back to card portfolios in 2021

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Jim Stewart

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