April 3, 2021

Changing Climate in the Consumer Lending Marketplace: What We’re Seeing and Hearing​

Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart

CEO, Epic Research

Three Things We’re Hearing

  • One year later…
  • What’s going on with credit card growth?
  • Online savings rates showing no love

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One Year Later…

  • It seems like just yesterday that banks were scrambling to discontinue marketing programs in the face of spiking unemployment caused by the COVID epidemic
  • One year later, new customer solicitation volumes for financial products have rebounded from the summer lows, but generally remain at levels of roughly half of pre-pandemic numbers for many products
January and February, 2020 VERSUS 2021 Mail Volume (1)
  • As banks sit on excess deposits amid an environment of stagnant loan growth, these trends are due to change in the coming months – more below

What’s Going on with Credit Card Growth?

  • Credit card direct mail acquisition advertising has rebounded faster than acquisition advertising for most financial products, bottoming out in June at a level 80% below pre-pandemic numbers and recovering in the fall to a level that is still ~25% below 1Q 2020 volumes
Credit Card – Direct Mail Volume by Month 20210403
  • Direct mail still accounts for ~60% of all credit card advertising spend
Direct Mail = 60% OF new Credit Card Originations
  • Several positive developments have occurred in the credit card sector in the past year
  • The widely and logically held view that consumer delinquencies and bankruptcies would spike as a result of the unprecedented rise in unemployment never materialized, and in fact, the opposite happened
Consumer Bankruptcies and Delinquencies Decline
  • New rounds of government stimulus along with a forecasted jump in GDP later this year and a decrease in unemployment would indicate that the worst is behind us in consumer delinquencies
  • At the same time, card portfolios have shrunk as consumer spending slowed and cardholders used stimulus checks to pay down debt
Outstanding Credit Card Loans
  • Those issuers who have returned to the new customer acquisition market have been rewarded with response rates that are 75% - 100% higher than “normal”
  • One would think issuers would be looking to reverse the shrinkage in their portfolios, and many issuers have indicated a desire to not be left behind and to resume “normal” levels of marketing, so…

Online Savings Rates Showing No Love

  • Rapidly declining online savings rates have finally stabilized, but at a level 60 – 100 basis points lower than pre-pandemic rates
Online Savings Rates
  • Consumer deposits have skyrocketed, fueled by lower spending, government stimulus payments, and overall cautionary behavior in an uncertain time, while rates have fallen
Consumer Deposits, All Commerical Banks
  • Online search traffic has tapered off for savings and money market accounts, and financial institutions have reduced checking solicitations by 58% since the months prior to the pandemic
Online Search Volume for Savings Account
Online Search Volume for MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT
  • With rates generally starting to tick up, savings rates may follow

Quick Takes

  • After steady growth over the past 20 years, digital servicing became even more prominent in the past year as the pandemic restricted in-person customer interactions with banks and financial services companies adjusted to avoid the risks of having large groups of customer service representatives work in congregate settings
  • Insider Intelligence predicts digital servicing penetration will continue to grow 1-2% a year
Digital Banking Users and Penetration
  • While it seems like digital servicing is all you read about these days in banking circles, InsiderIntelligence.com also notes that call center usage is projected to remain steady, with 30% of U.S. consumers interacting with their financial institutions via phone at least once a year
  • Meanwhile, Self predicts that all bank branches will disappear by 2034
Predicted number of banks
  • As branch design and utility continue to adapt, we think this is one of those predictions that will not come true
  • Further, while the number of traditional branches may be shrinking, the number of non-traditional physical banking locations may not be
  • For example, months after launching a credit and prepaid debit card, Walgreens has announced that it will also offer deposit accounts through a relationship with MetaBank – accounts that can be serviced both online and in Walgreens’ 9,000 stores

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Jim Stewart

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